Oh, Canada!

For as long as I’ve been living near the Canadian border, I wish I had got my passport much sooner. Now, I’ve been to Canada twice, most recently to visit Kingston, ON,

Kingston, ON

For a somewhat small city, Kingston has a lot to offer. Free music concerts and free hugs are just part of the package if you’re lucky like we were!

We happened to plan our trip to Kingston on the Canada Day holiday weekend and had tough luck finding a place to stay…we ended up sleeping in our car! Which really wasn’t all that bad, but as a pro tip, I would recommend booking a place before you leave home! Which should be common sense but we failed at that part. Aside from that small setback, we got to experience a lot that weekend.


Art Fest

The first thing we did was explore an art festival, that was basically like an outdoor craft fair. People from all over were selling original pieces of art, handmade sculptures and decorations, soaps and lotions, candles, popcorn and fudge, jewelry, you name it. I ended up buying a few bars of handmade soap and lotion that smelled so amazing! Below are pictures of the business cards I collected from my favorite stands. Definitely, definitely check them out when you have time! Their products and artwork are incredible!

I bought soaps and lotion from Eva and they smell incredible and made with natural ingredients.

You have to check these guys out!

These were all freaking amazing and I plan to buy from them!

Sunset Dinner Cruise

My favorite part of our trip was our dinner cruise. We’ve never done anything quite like it. It’s a bit expensive, but it provides a four-course meal, live entertainment, and a sunset cruise around the Thousand Islands. The entertainer was a talented singer and also extremely funny. We did not expect it to be a comedic performance, but it made the whole experience way more enjoyable. The cruise was three hours long, so without the entertainment it could have potential to become boring. Also, I would say paying extra for window seats isn’t all that worth it because you can see everything fine especially if you go out onto the deck. You will also be sitting with strangers at the same table, which really didn’t bother me nearly as much as I had expected. And if you like meeting new people and talking to strangers, than you will most likely enjoy that factor. Overall, I would recommend experiencing it once, even if it is a little expensive. I don’t remember the exact cost, but it was about $100 per person (but remember it’s Canadian money).


There are several museums around Kingston. I would recommend taking two days to go through them if you really want to learn about them and not just zip through. We checked out a section of Canada’s Penitentiary Museum, which was small but had a lot of cool artifacts. Across the street to the actual prison, you need to buy tickets in advance, which we were not aware. By the way, the prison is closed and is now a museum to tour.

Another museum we wanted to see was the Bellevue House, which was closed for renovation that day but the garden was open. I can’t say anything about the house, but I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time on just seeing the garden unless maybe it is on your way going somewhere.

Hop-on Hop-off Trolley

The weather in Kingston is beautiful this time of year! We bought tickets for a hop-on hop-off trolley tour, but we ended up walking from place to place. If you plan on going and learning about the history of Kingston, I’d recommend the trolley. However, it was sort of a waste of money for us because we walked instead.

Sunday Antique Fair

There is an antique fair that is hosted in the square every Sunday. I have never been into antiques but we saw so many neat things that now I am pretty interested in checking out antique shops. It’s a free and fun activity to spend some time on a Sunday afternoon in Kingston.

Restaurants and Bars

Downtown Kingston is full of great restaurants and bars. The Grizzly Grill had great burgers and a nice outdoor seating area. Milestones Grill and Bar was my favorite because the food and drinks were so great and I loved how the place was decorated. Tir Nan Og Irish Pub we really just got drinks but the menu did sound really good, and Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill had an awesome rooftop bar with a great view of the city below. The Lonestar Texas Grill had yummy drinks and friendly staff with outdoor seating, as well.

Until Next Time

Between the great food, drinks, sites, and memorable experiences, I hope I will find myself back here again someday. I hope you’ve found this article enjoyable and helpful. You can find me on the social media platforms below for other content. Feel free to comment, and until next time, stay beautiful!

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